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New beginnings

11 Jan

Wow. It has been a while indeed. In fact it has been getting on for probably three years since i originally started this blog. Originally it was an outlet for my opinions on the video-games i was playing at the time. Back then i didn’t quite realise the impact video-games had on my life or indeed how much i was deeply in love with our culture. I just started out with the intention of having people read my thoughts on the games i loved. Never did i have the intention of doing this as a job or for financial gain (as great as that seems), for it was out of love for my fellow gamer and their opinions that made me want to be heard and read. And now i return the wiser, better, greater writer i am today thanks to many steps i have taken in the past two years.

Back in late 2010 i started to write for the well known website Hooked Gamers. It felt like a dream, and a good start as a way for me to reach more people with my words and opinions. Since then i have been writing for HG and many other sites, all while learning and improving as i go along. With the HG team i have met some fantastic people, travelled Europe and even beat CAPCOM’s very own Seth Killian at his own game. It’s been a roller-coaster ride for way over a year now, and all while studying here at University. But it is with today i realised for once and all, that nothing can deter me from working in the video-game industry in the future. I have nothing but knowledge and skill that relates to our wonderful industry. And with the circulation of video-game journalism tips once again on Twitter, i figured that doing this for a living is what i want to happen. After spending a year in dream land and thinking i was a part of the industry, i have come to the realisation that i was only just scratching the surface.

It's with one of these that many can be deluded into thinking "I've made it"

May (2012) marks the end of my University life and the end of what has been 17 years of non-stop education. With it i will enter the big, wide and open world, much like Link’s first adventure into Hyrule. I am (hopefully) moving on to being more professional and hopefully “succeeding” in what seems to be a gamer eat gamer industry. So here are my “new beginnings”, this blog will be the HQ of ButtonMashEffect, and you’ll be able to find all my work and the odd occasional post here.

So thanks for reading, and watch out. Follow me, support me, read me, entertain me and game with me. It’s going to be a long road.


I leave you with ONE OK ROCK’s song Dreamer