So i had a go….

16 Jan

So recently i decided that i wanted at some point to create my own little YouTube show. I watch a lot of videos by big YouTubers such as Happy Console Gamer, Pete Dorr and Dodger at Press Heart 2 Continue. Watching these videos daily gave me nothing but inspiration, so i thought i would give it a go. I mean what’s the worst could happen? The trolls roll along? So what, at least you gave it a go. But this wasn’t what held me off from doing it for so long, it was the lack of equipment i had. Although i had sufficient editing experience and even had Premier Pro, the lack of a decent camera was annoying.

But it got to the point where i was bored and sick of waiting around, so i just grabbed my tablet (HTC Flyer), set it down and just recorded 20 minutes of myself talking. As you can see from the below link, it ended up that this was to be my first video, although it has some problems such as picture quality, sound and i sometimes mumble like i have a stutter, it wasn’t a bad first go. I have received many positive comments which is always good. So here it is my first attempt in the world of video. Let me know what you think, and also look forward to some future videos.


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