2012 – A great start

13 Jan

With only less than 12 months to live according to the Mayans, it seems like a good year to try and play a lot of titles. Although i play games daily and in 2011 completed around 50-60 titles, i decided that 2012 would be the year i would catch up on some titles i missed previously. I had also decided a few months ago that with end of University looming, that i would start collecting too. I use to be a big trader of games and consoles, and i would always trade new games in soon after finishing them, this was mainly due to being a poor University student. Recently i have been picking up titles that i may have owned previously but at the time had to get rid of, or picking up games i might have overlooked. Over the festive holidays i had a lovely temp job in the UK retailer GAME. Luckily due to the perks of being an employee, i got a nice discount off games and i would also find out about great deals and prices straight away.

GAME are sometimes criticized for their prices and lack of sales. But you can’t fault them at the holiday times, their GAME sale is fantastic. And being an employee at the retailer i would find out the sale prices just before they go live, so being able to quickly collect all the titles i wanted to buy myself before customers are able to get their grubby hands on, was an advantage to getting some brilliant deals.

What you see in the headline picture is some of the titles i picked up. I hadn’t originally planned to pick up this many titles over the holidays as i was quite content with playing Star Wars: The Old Republic most of Christmas, but alas things change. I was originally only picking up a sweet (literally) fighter called Arcana Heart 3. I had found out that it was coming down from £30 to £4.98! I had had my eyes on it for a while, being a big fighting game player i am always interested in smaller experimental fighters and seeing what they can offer. Having played it now for a few hours it’s safe to say it certainly is interesting. The ability to completely switch up a characters move set and either hinder or improve their stats by choosing from many of the different Arcana partners, is nice and refreshing but quite overwhelming to begin with.

Thanks to GAME’s amazing deals i ended up buying around 20 titles overall and at some insane prices:

Shadows of the Dammed – £2.98
Xenoblade Chronicles – £9.98
DoDonPachi Resurrection – £14.98
Deadly Premonition – £7.98
Aliens: Infestation – £9.99
Dragons Quest VI – £14.98
Trauma Centre: Under the Knife – £4.98
King of Fighters – £19.98
Dungeons Siege III – £3.98
The World Ends With You – £10
Kingdom Hearts 385/2 – £9.98
Guitar Hero III complete set – £2.98
Arcana Heart III – £4.98
Shinobi 3DS – £12.98
Phoenix Wright: Justice for All – £4.98

The start of 2012 has been a good one so far. I have so many titles to play, all these games featured as well as some games like Pullblox, SWTOR and even Steam games. As you can see also i have been buying a lot of DS titles recently. My first stint in collecting is an attempt to buy the good and the rare from the DS’s back catalogue, and with the titles i got over Christmas i am off to a good start.



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